Here at shichon puppies we offer great fur-babies for adoption.


Each one of our shichon puppies are very pre-spoilt before they join their new family.


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Shichon puppies are a mix of bichon and shih Tzu. Our babies can range in size. Our smallest shichon pup is 8lbs full grown. Our biggest shichon pup is 17lbs full grown. I would say 80% of our babies end up in the 10-13lb range full grown.


Each one of our shichon puppies receives all their shots for their age, along with being de-wormed several times before they join their family.


Shichon puppies are great with kids, and wonderful for people who have allergies. The shichon breed has hair and not fur, so they do need to be groomed often. We recommend grooming them about every 8-12 weeks if you keep them in a puppy cut.


Shichon pups are a great breed for the elderly as well. They are a very gentle breed and love to lay in your lap for loven.. Shichon's are very smart and usually train very fast.


We take great pride in our puppies, Some of our puppies do lighten up as they get bigger. Look at

our adopted puppies photos to see. Our puppies are usually a first generation mix meaning both parents were pure bred.



We also call our puppies the OFFICIAL FuzzyWuzzyPuppy.

The number one issue we have with a first generation puppy is that they do lose alot of their color by the time they are 1 year old.

So starting the end of 2011 we hope to being doing what is called a F2 that will be shichon to shichon.  Most other breeders do a F1 what is a purebred mom to a purebred dad, some breeders do the F1B what is a shichon bred back to a purebred. So they are 3 parts one on 1part another.


We can fly your new baby home on American airlines safe and sound if you want us to.

shichon puppies also known as fuzzywuzzypups

We call our shichon puppies FuzzyWuzzies. In our opinion that is the BEST name for them. That name fits them better then any other name.


shichon breeders also known as fuzzywuzzypupies breeders

Our babies come in a variety of Colors. We have solids and party puppies.

shih tzu and bichon mix pups























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